Exalted: Shogun Shakedown

By the Second Age, more was spoken of the Shogunate’s fall rather than its history. Its relevance is seen only in the ignominious end it came to at the hands of the Great Contagion and the Balorian Crusade that finally ended its death throes. For some nostalgics, it was a golden age that could never be replaced, and for the more cynically minded, it was a testament to how things could go horribly, horribly wrong.

Things are horribly, horribly wrong at the moment.

A loose confederacy held together only by deification of its Shogun, the Daimyos plot against one another as much as the leashes around their collective necks permit, the iron heels of the Legions march all over the Threshold to kick up a dust that chokes the skies, and the oiled machinery of the bureaucracy is a testament to corruption, graft, and opportunism.

And this is on a good day.

For all that the Shogunate claims that life after the overthrow of the Anathema is better, in truth the Deliberative’s evils have simply become more petty and more ubiquitous. Nevertheless, despite these problems the average citizen is content: the technological marvels of the Realm, while much less grand in the face of Celestial ingenuity, still remain to ensure the comfort of the people and the control of their rulers. That barbarians in the Threshold foot the Realm’s bills is of no consequence.

Creation’s borders remain stable in the wake of the Shogunate’s maintenance of the Reality Engines on the borders of the Wyld, backed by Legion steel and Legion jade. The Shogunate is content to let the borders lie as they are: to the Shogun, the status quo is the will of Heaven.

And yet, Certain Events shall inevitably derail this Celestial Harmony. The Jade Prison is shattered, and in the North, so close to Calibration, the dead ride.

Shogun Shakedown