The Shogun

In her time, the Shogun was many souls in succession with many names and faces. Turning
ever from South to North, turning ever from West to East, turning ever from the Center outward,
the Shogun embraced every element and made its power her own. Thus did the Shogun inherit
the Mandate of Heaven. Thus did the Shogun subjugate the Ten Thousand Daimyos. Thus did
the Shogun lead the Upright Legions to pacify Creation in its time of turmoil.

The Shogun is not merely the Shogunate’s head of state, the Shogun is also its spiritual leader. Deified as a genuine Bodhisattva, the Shogun is a Dragonblood that (supposedly) managed to transcend his native Aspect, incorporating all five elemental aspects into his being and from it, gained a state of divine apotheosis. Or at least, so the Immaculate Faith maintains.

There has only ever been one Shogun in the entire history of the Realm. This is maintained as fact even though the deaths of Shoguns have been documented. There have been Shoguns from different Gentes, different regions, and of different genders, where the only point of consistency was that the Shogun was Exalted as a Dragonblood.

The explanation for this inconsistency is quite simple: though the Shogun can die, his or her soul remains in circulation, to reincarnate once again to fulfill the Mandate of Heaven. When the Shogun is reborn, there is a brief transition period, and over time the Shogun will regain full recall of all of his or her prior lives, subjugating the warring daimyos and ruling over the Realm, restoring peace and prosperity once more after a chaotic transition period.

This process is never a smooth one. The death of a Shogun is always a time of great chaos and upheaval, and it takes many decades for the Realm to recover once more. Nevertheless, a Shogun has always consistently rose to occasion when the times called for it. Whether the Shogun was always a single Immaculate soul that has reincarnated throughout the Shogunate’s history, or whether it’s simply a polite fiction accepted by those in power, is not entirely clear. At least in the Realm, however, such debate is not permitted.

The Shogun, in this particular incarnation, is male. He has no name, only his title, and his Gens of origin has been stricken from the records. While in theory his power is absolute, in practice the Shogun rules over the Daimyos with a light hand, affording them enough leeway to squabble amongst themselves while maintaining enough control to ensure that they would never turn against him.

The Shogun rules from the Blessed Isle, overseeing the administration of the Upright Legions while regulating the activities of the Gentes and the Realm’s treacherous politics.

The Shogun

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